Green Cheek recent bad behavior

by Amy Hall

I have a young green cheek who was hand fed and a great pet for the past 5 months. About 3 weeks ago he started raising his feathers and lunge biting when we try to pet him. He comes out fine and sits with us but we used to pet him and now he attacks. He just seems more fearful. He comes in the shower with me many mornings, the other day he seemed distressed while sitting on his perch in the shower and even flew down to me in the shower. We did get a kitten about 2 months ago that shows some interest and I have gone back to work so the house is more quiet but how do I treat him when he does this behavior?


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Sep 27, 2008
Change in Green Cheeked Conure behavior
by: Tracie

Hello Amy,

First, I want to encourage you to read about my Green Cheeks. You can copy and paste the link below into your browser.

There are so many possibilities, and being upset with the kitten could be one of them. If that is it, hopefully in time he will adjust and get over it.

Many birds go through changing personalities as they get older. Just like human kids, they test the boundaries and are very self centered and want their own way.

You might also read some of our Parrot Training articles. The Parrot Training button is on the top left of your screen, the 6th one down.

Our Buddy suddenly decided he hated me one day. Fortunately he decided he liked my husband and daughter. My husband worked with him by showing his disapproval every time Buddy acted like he was going to bite me. Eventually Buddy decided he liked me again, but I am not his favorite.

Both birds became cage territorial over time. We have to open the cage door and let them come out to hold them. They will bring blood if we stick our hands in the cage.

As a final note, we have found that our Green Cheeked Conures are much quieter and less "bitey" when we purpose to spend time with the at certain times of the day.

Since you have gone back to work, you might consistantly hold your bird every morning at a certain time and then again in the evening at a certain time. By certain time, I am not speaking of a clock time, since birds don't tell time. :-)

For instance, we hold them in the morning when we are changing their food, and I do that before our breakfast. Then we hold them every evening after dinner. They don't scream for attention in the evening unless we delay in holding them after dinner.

I am home all day, so they get hugs off and on all day, but I have not trained them to expect it at any given time. I don't want to develop a pattern that I can't keep up with.

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