green cheek vomiting?

by Torrey
(united states)

My green cheek will pump its neck and slightly lift her wings up but keep them close to her body and then puke. but she is also slinging it around some as well. Is she sick or showing affection?
(also I don't really know if she is a girl or not and she is only 5 months old)

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Oct 22, 2013
green cheek vomiting?
by: Linda

Birds show their affection for their favorite human or toy by regurgitating. However, if this is happening a lot, and if you are seeing any undigested food in it, then she needs to be taken to the Avian Vet immediately because this is a symptom of a viral infection that is highly contagious.

So, if she is doing this a lot and you see any undigested food in it, you have to take her to an Avian Vet ONLY to be examined and tested for infections. This is not an option if your bird is sick, because birds die without diagnosis and treatment, and ONLY Avian Vets can do this.

Let us know how this goes and we wish everything good for you and your bird.


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