green cheek/black cap

by robbie

hello, my question is has anyone ever herd of a normal green cheek that that has mated with a black cap conure? i am about to buy one and wanted to know if anyone has ever herd of such a thing. if there will be any health problems. and what it may look like.the dad is a normal green cheek and the mom is a black cap.

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Mar 20, 2017
I have a green cheek/ black capped
by: Anonymous

I bought my Casey from a woman who had both a green cheek conure and a black capped conure. They happened to have eggs and they hadn't expected that to be a thing.
My Casey is lovely. She's fun, loving, and can be very vocal. She doesn't have behavior issues and grew up with no problems
She's much more lively than my sun conure.

Jun 17, 2014
Wonderful birds
by: Anonymous

My hybrid green chee/black caps are virtually the same temperment as normal green cheeks. They are funny, loveable pets.

Nov 19, 2009
im not the breeder
by: Anonymous

i dont want to breed them,i was going to buy one that someone else had breed. it was just something that i had never herd of before and could not find any info on it on the net.but in your opinion would it be a good or bad idea for me to perches this mixed breed conure baby???

Nov 18, 2009
green cheek/black cap
by: Linda

Though it may be possible to breed them, I highly recommend that you do not. When creating hybrids, you never know what you're going to get. It is a much better breeding to keep the genetics pure and unsullied. When breeding hybrid babies, the possibilities of all kinds of unknown variables are at work some of which can harm the babies making them weak and sickly.

I'd get mates for both birds that are the same as they are. Genetics is a tricky thing, and even though there are many hybrids out there, it doesn't make it a GOOD thing necessarily. The market is flooded with birds most of which end up being moved around many times and a lot of them end up in neglectful and/or abusive homes. Think of the babies either way. There is not much money to be made in breeding if you take proper care of the birds, i.e. high quality diet, large enough flight spaces where birds can be in optimum condition, regular at least yearly trips to Avian vet for well bird checkups, knowing how to handfeed babies if necessary (learned skill), taking babies to Avian vet if they lose any weight at all at first. The list is endless, and so it is expensive and time consuming to breed birds if it is done right, and if not going to do it right, then choose to not do it.

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