Green Cheeked Conure eating sand

by Karen
(New Jersey)

We have a sandbox in our backyard, and our one-year-old bird loves to eat the sand whenever he's out there. Will this harm him? He appears happy and healthy, with normal looking poop. He eats a varied diet of seeds, pellets, fruits, vegetables and grains. He has a cuttlebone in his cage which he never touches. Thank you for your help.

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May 03, 2009
Parrots should not eat sand or grit
by: The Vet

Yes the sand can cause him problems. Do not allow him to eat sand, grit, or other types of gravel and dirt. On a side note, if your bird is outside unprotected from a cage or carrier you are running a large risk that a predator such as a hawk, feral cat, or some other animal will attack your bird. Not to mention that he could fly away, even with his wings clipped, he can get enough distance that something terrible could happen before you could reach him.

Dr B

May 03, 2009
eating sand
by: mai

Editors note: Please do NOT feed parrots sand or grit ever. They do not need it and it often causes health problems.

Hi Karen. Don't worry about him eating the sand it's pretty normal. Parrots need sand and grit to help them digest their food in their gullet. You could probably add some sand or crushed oyster shells in his food dish. You could also add crushed eggshells which are full of calcium for him.It will not harm him.I have 2 African greys which love it and my brother has 2 conures and a cockatoo which adore it as well.

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