Green Cheeked Conure has suddenly started biting me

by Natali

For the longest time, it has just been me and my conure and she has been relatively a really sweet bird and liked me more than other people. But suddenly out of nowhere the other day, she started biting me really hard and won't let me get her out of her cage. It doesn't matter how many times I try, she will bite me and I absolutely can't get her out. Yet when other people come over, she lets them get her out with no problem. I want her to learn that if she doesn't get out with me then she doesn't get out at all so I have stopped letting other people take her out. But I don't want leaving her in there to make her worse... What can I do? It's not even about me touching her stuff or anything, as soon as she sees me coming over to the cage she jumps on the door and tries to bite me through the bars! I really don't want to have to sell her :(. It's breaking my heart, I love my bird.

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Feb 01, 2017
by: Ab

Plz help my green cheeked conure keeps on biting me.
It doesn't break the skin but it really hurts. My bird is usually kind and sweet, the person we got her from said she one of a kind. It can't be molting because she already molted like a month ago. She hates when I tap her toes but I'm not doing that. If you have any suggestions or reasons why she is biting me PLEASE TELL ME I AM DESPERATEšŸ˜«šŸ„šŸ’›

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Jan 20, 2017
Mike the conure
by: Shirley

Mike a friendly green check. He always liked to sit on my shoulder. Give kisses dance and just have fun. Until yesterday after giving me a kiss. He turned around and attacked my lip drawing blood. As I was trying to put him in his cage to go and take care of my lip. He tried attacking my face. Today I took him out and ask him to step up on my finger. He bit my hand and broke skin again. What is happening

Sep 08, 2016
my conure pineapple parrot
by: Anonymous

I raised her from a baby hand feed.friendy she .won't come to me when I open the cage WHAT HAPPEN

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Dec 29, 2015
Random Biting
by: Anonymous

Hi Guys,

I have the same problem where my green cheek has suddenly started biting me for no reason. He still only wants me and will immediately fly back to me if anybody else takes him.

I should mention that he has only started doing this since I've fell pregnant. I wonder if he can feel another presence and attacks as he can't see it. Either way we'll just have to battle through this together until he stops doing it.
He still cuddles and sleeps in my shirt at night before going into his cage, but often he'll just start biting me and I definitely can't scratch him

Feb 01, 2010
My new cinnamon green cheek conure started biting
by: Merrilee

Hi, I have only had my conure 1 week. I don't know it's sex but I feel it's a girl. She is 4months old.
She was gentle and fine with me the only changes I can think of are....
1/ I let family members hold her.
2/ I have been working longer hours and so she has been in her cage all day until 7pm.
I noticed with family in the same room (they were still and quiet) scared her as she flew around the room as if she didn't know where to land. Prior to this I had my hand out and she flew str8 onto it. Since my family held her she has been acting scatty flying onto screen door or looking elsewhere to land.
Thank you

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Aug 27, 2009
my little greencheek
by: Anonymous

I just got a greencheek from an excelent breeder when she was 8 weeks old. the first couple weeks she was the most cuddly thing in the world and just wanted me to cuddle her and then one day I came home from work and she bit my hand if I tried to scratch her head witch she used to love. She still alwase wants to be with me and she sometimes will let me cuddle her. Im hoping its either her maturing or perhaps because shes molting that its unconfortable to be scratched.

Jul 28, 2009
Green Cheeked Conure turned on you
by: Tracie

This happened to me too with my Green Cheeked parrot! One day I went from wonderful to the most hated thing in the house. Both GC's decided they hated me, but one of them was worst than the other about biting me.

Every situation is different, so there is not a "cookie cutter" solution to your problem. For us, my bird decided my husband was the favored one of the house, so he helped the bird to tolerate me and not bite me.

Eventually the bird let me hold it again and spend time with it, but I was never it's favorite person again. :-/ That's just the way it goes, we can't make birds like us.

We have several articles that will help you on our Parrot Training page.

If you want to see how we worked with our GC Conures to stop them from attacking me, read the one called Answer to Biting Green Cheeked Conure first.

Don't give up, just work on earning it's trust and give lots of rewards. Chet's training programs are great too, well worth the money. He even has some free bird training help in hopes that you will like the trial and will purchase the program.

Jul 28, 2009
by: Linda

How old is your bird, and how do you know she is a female? What sometimes happens when birds reach sexual maturity, their personalities will change from sweet to testy.Locking her up in cage is NOT THE ANSWER AND IS SIMPLY PUTTING OFF DEALING WITH THIS PROBLEM.

There is some bird training information out here, and it would be good for you to look at it and see how best to handle this situation.

The other issue is that your bird could be either ill or getting that way. Sometimes, sudden changes in behavior is a sign of illness. I'd suggest taking her to an Avian Vet in your area for a checkup to see if she could have an infection brewing. Being sick will make them appear mean when they just don't feel well.

Another issue I want to address, not just for you, but for EVERYONE who gets a parrot for a companion. WHEN THE GOING GETS ROUGH, "GETTING RID OF" YOUR BIRD IS NEVER THE CORRECT ANSWER. These poor parrots are shuffled all over the place, and each time they are moved, they become worse if the problems are not dealt with. There are NO perfect birds as all of them can develop or already have issues. Being moved around, being abused and neglected take their toll on the bird's mental health. More birds are ruined by people not committed to them than any other one thing.

If your bird has some behavior problems, first, take bird to vet to make sure bird is healthy. Feed a healthy diet of pellets and wholesome, organic fruit and veggies. Make sure cage is large enough for your bird to be able to stretch and play while inside, and have safe toys and natural wood perches in there as well.

Once bird has passed the Avian Vet Test, then seek out information about training and changing negative bird behaviors. If your human child turns into a monster at 5 to 13 years of age, you do not have the option of "getting rid of them". No, you must learn what to do to change negative behavior into positive behavior. As I said, this is not just for you, but for all people who think getting a bird is a great idea until they have the bird and realize they are intelligent beings that can have serious mental problems from a lack of understanding on human's parts. Respect them, commit to them and do your homework by studying, talking to other people who have had birds for many years, and learning everything you can about training. Tracie has some great information out here, so make use of it.

Thank You for writing,

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