Green cheeked conure has white lines

by Susan P
(Andover, MA 01810)

My Green cheeked conure has white lines/feathers but lines growing out of his head what is that? I rescued my Green Cheeked Conure Buddy in June he is going through his first molt since I rescued him, he started showing white lines coming from behind his beak feather area and on his head, he looks like an old man with a few white hairs coming out. I have never seen this he has a black head so it is very noticable, he is showing no signs of illness, eating drinking great, droppings are normal, he's active just as fun and as ever, no other changes in him other than these white lines or feathers, does anyone know what these are? Any help appreciated.
Thank You
Sue & Buddy

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Oct 25, 2013
It is pin feathers and part of his molt
by: Sue

I just found out that the white feathers are pin feathers and are a natural part of his molt the only reason I never noticed them in my other birds is because Buddy has a black head and they had very light heads. Hope this helps other people I was worried glad he's fine. I love my bird Buddy he's a tad crabby but that I know is part of the molt and he's not nearly as bad as my females were. LOL

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