Green cheeked conure laid 4 eggs with no spouse.

Green Cheeked Conure

Green Cheeked Conure

Green Cheeked Conure
Green Cheeked Conure Eggs

I have a green- cheeked conure, that I was told was a boy. I've had him for over a year now. Awhile ago I've noticed my bird acting strange, being inside his house a lot more than usual. I later found out that it laid 4 eggs. How could this be possible if their was no spouse? Is there a possibility of there being baby birds in the eggs? If not could this affect my birds behavior in any way? Please give me any clues/ answers asap, Thank you.

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Jul 15, 2017
GreenCheek not laying eggs
by: JAN

Hi , I have female Green cheek & cinnamon bird both they together more than 8 years . they tamed and had every year 3 to 5 eggs and babies hatched but after that they died .. This year they did not had any eggs , I donot know why they r healthy and very active is there any body can help me .. Thank u

Jun 19, 2017
record setting numbers?!
by: Anonymous

my green cheeked conure, Quigley (15 years old) has laid 8 eggs so far this year.... this is over twice the number she has laid in the past. I have taken them out of the cage along with all the shredded papers every morning. She is also eating the dirt in a house plant ..... after reading these comments we'll be taking further action today: buying some pellets, moving her to a darker room, and removing the cage toy she has become so fond of this year!

Jun 12, 2017
5 years old and just laid 1st egg!
by: Anonymous

My 5 year old green cheecked conure just laid her 1st egg this afternoon right on the bottom of the cage. I always thought it was a male bird. There was no padding or anything around where she laid it, just the bare plastic bottom. This seems very strange to me and I hope she will not be laying any more.....will have to wait for the next few days and see.
I am wondering how long I should leave the egg there without removing it. She is ignoring it at the moment but always knows where it is and watches it.
I would appreciate any advise of other owners with more knowledge than I have.

Jan 18, 2017
Question regarding laying eggs
by: Liam

Hi everyone how are u ,
I do have a green cheek conure birds and the female i notice 2 days ago that she is in her nesting box then i just open it to see whats going on i found only one egg and after that i notice that she is not setting on the egg next day i found that there is another egg so my question is that normal for her to don't set on them till she lay all her eggs or whats going on and if there is any information that help to make that happen on the right way will be awesome

Thank you

Oct 22, 2014
Bird sitting on eggs
by: Tracie

I would remove the eggs. If she lays more, I would get fake eggs to replace them with to keep her from continuing to lay eggs.

Our avian vet wrote this Chronic Egg Laying article to help bird owners understand how to care for birds that lay eggs.

Oct 22, 2014
Conure sits too long?
by: Pat

Red cheek Conure laid 4 eggs and is sitting on them faithfully. Should I remove the eggs or let her nest on them? She's been sitting foe two weeks.

Mar 25, 2014
Nugget my conure bird
by: Anonymous

I have a female conure for 5, yes and has laid 5 eggs but never has a mate. She is nesting sitting on them as if she was having babies in them, is it possible that one egg can be fertile?

Editor's note: No

Apr 21, 2013
Conure laid 4 eggs
by: Tracie

Your bird is beautiful. It is not unusual for conures to lay eggs without a mate. Just like chickens, parrots can lay eggs without a mate.

Your bird's eggs are not fertile, so will not produce chicks. If your conure is not sitting on the eggs, then throw them away. If one should break and the bird eats it then it could die. Some bird owners buy fake eggs for their birds to sit on.

Hopefully you are already feeding your bird 80% high quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush so that you don't have to worry about egg binding, but if not you can read this Switching Birds To Pellets article to help convert your bird.

Our avian vet wrote this Chronic Egg Laying article to help bird owners understand how to care for birds that lay eggs.

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