This Is Portia’s Green Cheeked Conure Zoey.

It sounds like her Green Cheeked Conure is quite a funny character.

Zoey Zoey’s Bath
Zoey Zoey’s Bath

Here are a couple of pix of Zoey, my Green Cheek. He loves to bathe in cold water. It is even more desirable to him when there is an ice cube in it!!!

My greencheek Zoey must think it is rude to poop on people's shoulders because he never does. He jumps off of you and runs over to the side of the couch and poops off that onto the carpet!!! Then he tells himself "Good Boy".

It is so cute even though I tell him that good birds poop in their cage!!! Peaches the Caique poops everywhere, she is somewhat command trained, but has no qualms about pooping on ashoulder!!!

Zoey is about a year and a half old. (Spring 2006) He says quite a few things including:

What are you doing?

Go poop

Heeeeeere Kitty kitty kitty...

YOU step up!

Green Bean

Stinker Bean



He has recently learned to say "I love you", butonly from his cage in the dining room. I think he isstill shy about saying it.

He also coughs and burps on command. He says several otherthings, but I can't list them all!


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