Green cheeked conure pulling out flight feathers

by Debbie
(Toowoomba, Qld. Australia)

Cheekie Chops

Cheekie Chops

My green cheeked conure has over the past couple of weeks pulled out every blue flight feather he had. Started on one wing first. Is constantly picking underneath the wing. Black markings starting to appear on top of the wing on the green feathers, on the right side only, which is the side he first started to loose feathers from.

He is about four years old. He is a male. Had a vet check earlier this year, and was tested for that virus - all clear. Is this normal or should I be seeing a vet again. He has no bald spots. He is in a large cage on his own, and I feed him pellets, seed and fruit. He has a splash pan for bathing in. The black starting on the edge of wings is curious to me. Is this normal?

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Oct 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

My 7 year old green cheek conure has also started plling out feathers. started around his tail feathers and the tops of his wings. Then he seemed to mostly pull out the small down on his legs and tummy. I dont have an avian vet close so I am at the mercy of someone who might have an idea to solve this problem befor Mr. Whisper is bald.

Editor's note: You posted your question as a reply to another question, so it won't get answered by others. You need to post your question as a new question in the future. To answer your question, you need to find an avian vet and drive there, sorry. Please read the articles we have on our Parrot Training page. We have a few on feather destruction issues.

Dec 11, 2008
hope fully help
by: Anonymous

hi ive only had mine for a couple of weeks and so far the vet i go to has said that it is diet well hoping or it might be more serious like bordom, depression and need drugs to calm him down

Nov 04, 2008
Bird pulling out feathers
by: The Vet

None of this is normal - the black marks or the plucking.

Please visit for the avain vet's response.

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