Green Cheeked Conure Picture and Informational Story

Shrek the Green Cheeked Conure already says "Pretty Bird" and "Night, night."

Green Cheeked Conure Picture

Shrek, Yellow Sided Green Conure

Shrek came into my life at a bird fair in Morganton, NC and has been with me a month as of Nov. 2006.

In that month's time he has learned not to be afraid of hands and fingers and has learned to step up (when he's outside his cage) and loves to cuddle into my neck.

He has also learned to say "pretty bird" and "night, night" already. When he first came all he did was shriek! He is a real velcro bird. As soon as I get home he wants out of his cage and on my shoulder.

He is a very energetic and active bird. Even when he's on me he is running back and forth and up and down my arms, and front and back and moving all the time. Then he will settle down for about 15 minutes and cuddle. After that he is off and running again!

Watching him in his cage is fun. He is on the move all the time! I put the shared play gym on his cage and he screams for me to open the door and runs to it. He is just so darn cute!


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Shrek, Green Cheek Conure
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"BIRD BRAIN?.......Smarter than a lot of humans I know!"

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