Green Cheeked Conures- can they be kept in the same cage

by claire

Is it ok to keep two green cheeked conures in the same cage. I bought two six month old conures and they came with one cage, I need to know if it is ok to keep them together or do they need to be split up. We know that one of them is female but are unsure of the other as the breeder has never had a pineapple conure before.

thank you

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Dec 03, 2012
Conures - Same cage
by: Anonymous

Thing is if both conures are of opposite sex, and they begin to breed, this kicks in natural wild instincts.

Your birds will be loving, playful, so forth, but once you start breeding them, they will become aggressive.

In their defense, they're protecting the love nest where their young are being laid. Then they will want to protect the young. They will end up bitting, hissing, etc. Changing the food and water in the cage could prove challenging even. If you're going to keep them in the same cage I would highly suggest a DNA sexing test.

When i had my CAG sexed, they clipped her toe nail to bleed and swiped it on a lab card, took down my personal info, and sent it in. It took about a week for results. Test cost me $35. But I live in Cali. Stuff is typically a bit more expensive. The Avian bird shop I bought her from did the test. Your vet can also preform this test.

To get your birds both a wellness exam by an avian vet will run about 80-100$ for the first visit. Once established with the vet, the price per wellness exam may go down. Example: My CAGs first wellness exam was 89$ for first visit. Each visit after is $59.

There is Bird medical insurance you can get it's pretty cheap, Only group I've found to offer medical for avian is VPI. MY CAG has medical insruance thru them now. $50 deductable per visit, then 90% reimbursement (accident/illness). My bird was insured for full coverage. Wellness exams no deductable, and 90% reimburse.

It's worth checking into, and lowers medical cost drastically. I do recommend it. As my bird has been into the vet 2 this year for injury where I had to pay out cash. (she plays rough) Broke blood feather, and split her keel (which required stitches, and operation to close the wound). It was then I decided to get her medical coverage.


Dec 02, 2012
Keeping conures together in a cage
by: Tracie

Yes, is it possible they will continue to get along. You need to have a cage that is a minimum of 24 x 22 so that they have plenty of room to NOT be near each other when they don't want to be.

I also suggest two water bottles and two feeding stations. Don't assume they enjoy the same toys, one may like to shred paper toys and the other may love to chew leather strip toys, for instance.

You DO need to take them both to an avian vet to make sure they are healthy and have the one bird DNA sexed so that they don't start breeding. Believe me you do NOT want to start breeding birds without experience, time to hand feed babies day and night if the parents don't feed them and lots of money for vet bills etc.

At 6 months of age, they may start to change personality too. My two GC conures went from loving me most to hating me and only wanting my husband. He had to help the birds accept me and our daughter and they never really like us again even though we were the ones home all day caring for them and playing with them.

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