green chick conure need shut?

by anita
(walnut creek , ca.)

we have a green chick conure for two months. does it need shut? and how can i find it's a boy or girl?

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Aug 31, 2011
Conure need a tent or hut?
by: Tracie

You need to have a DNA test done to determine the gender, and I am not sure what a shut is.

If you mean a bird hut or bird tent, no it doesn't need one but it might like one. If you get one, make sure you check it daily to see if the bird is chewing on it. If the bird chews it, then take it out because it may get wrapped in the threads and die. None of our birds have ever chewed on their tent, but some birds do this and it is better for them to do without than take the chance on them hanging themselves.

Please read the helpful articles on our Parrot Training page that talk about feeding your bird pellets, because seed diets cause fatty liver disease and cheap pellets cause other health problems. There are other helpful articles there too that you might enjoy.

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