Green conure flipping over?

by Morgan
(New York)

I have a baby Conure i got about 4 months ago. She just started doing this odd thing where she will hang on to something and flip over and lick her other foot. is this a preening method? is it normal?

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Feb 19, 2011
Conure flipping
by: Tracie

Do you mean it hangs upside down on a perch to lick it's foot? Are you sure it is licking it's foot?

Some GC's are really silly birds, and some do flip and hang upside down etc. It seems if there was something wrong with it's foot, it would try to "lick" it or whatever in other positions too. I doubt anything is wrong with your bird.

It is a good idea to take your bird once a year to an avian vet for a well visit. Not only will your bird get a vaccine for a virus you could bring home on your shoes and clothing, but it gives the vet a base line for your bird when it is healthy. You bird also will get used to the vet, and it won't be so stressful if you have to take your bird when it is sick.

All the above said, because it might be good to take your bird in if it has not been to an avian vet in the last year. Otherwise, unless your bird gets obsessed with it's foot, I wouldn't worry about it personally.

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