green quaker parrot biting

Hi everyone,

I have a 8 months old green quaker parrot.
She's been doing nice with me and my parents since
she arrived home but, maybe one and a half week ago, she started to bite me, attack me, with no reasons.

I can't take her in my hands, and when she's on my shoulders, she's really nice, except when she try to bite me in the face.

I'm really worried because she never did that before, and i'm nice with her all the time.
I give her food, drink, clean her cage every 3 days. I give her love, Kisses ....

Before that, the only time where she would bite me, is when i hold in my hand sometimes she want to play with. For example : candies, remote, cell phone ....

I would be so proud if one of you could help me with that problem.

thanks a lot

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Mar 19, 2011
Quaker parrot biting
by: Tracie

Rather than retype what is already in our parrot training articles, I will suggest you read some of the articles on our Parrot Training page.

Even read the ones about Green Cheeks biting, because training is training and you will get some ideas on how to retrain your bird to replace the biting with positive behavior.

It will take time and patience but, don't give up, the bird will eventually get it, and you will too.

I strongly suggest you do not allow your bird on your shoulder, it give him/her power. Right now you want the bird to learn that you are the flock leader, he needs to follow you.

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