Green Ringneck with a attitude

by Cinde

Ringneck Parakeet

Ringneck Parakeet

Hi, my fiance and I took in a ringneck last year, cuz the old owner moved. His name is Shrek, I luv him to bits but i am so tired of his temper. he screams and demands attention from me 24/7! i have moved his cage inside now, so that he can see me more and i take him out ev now and then and talk to him every morning and night. yet he is still so angry!

when i let him out he will sit on my chest or shoulder and dance and demand kisses FOR HOURS, im not aloud to read when he is on me, cuz he will attack the book! i feel so bad, i give him so much of my time and yet it dosent seem enough, what do i do? oh - and do you think its a good idea to leave a radio on for him during the day, so that he wont be too bored (and hopefully learn a few words) he has toys but he refuses to play with any of them! HELP ME!

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Sep 16, 2009
Ringneck with Attitude (Laughing Out Loud!)
by: Linda

When I stop laughing, I will attempt to address your issues (wait, I'm rolling in the floor again!). I'm not making light of your problem, it's just that I've had these little characters before, and one and all are similar to the Tazmanian Devils I'm sure you have heard about.

Tracie has some training materials and resources out here, and I suggest you get involved in a training program like YESTERDAY as your bird is having a good ole' time running you ragged.

The Ringnecks are aggressive, loud and love pushing all your buttons--maybe some you did not even know you had. Training is the ONLY thing you can do.

Before you begin any training, take this little Green Monster to the Avian vet for a checkup to rule out any illnesses like bacterial infections and such. Sometimes birds in first stages of an infection will become impossible to satisfy because they don't feel good, and you should be a mind-reader for goodness sake!

Once vet gives you a green light (oops rolling in floor again!), then you can begin to train your little birdy. Tracie has some free materials here and also you can pay a little to work with professionals which, in this case, I'd make use of both.

Your Ringneck CAN AND WILL BECOME A GOOD CITIZEN, and you are going to have to work for it. He does not respect you now, nor will he listen to you. Your only option is a training program designed around your home environment and your type of bird.

I'm sorry to be laughing so much, and I've dealt with these beautiful little birds, and they can be trained to be wonderful companions if you go ahead and jump right in and get started. He will only get worse from where he is today, so do what's best for him and YOU and start working a program.

Keep us posted, and thanks for the gorgeous picture as your bird is really someone to be proud of.


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