green urates, eating poop, watery green suronding poop

by Misty Jo
(oaklahoma city )

my cockatiel eating her poop for a while and now has greenish urates and urine sorounding her poop we drove up to my grand parents for the summer on tuseday from dallas and was wondering if it could be stress but her nose is kinda red worse last night than today and we have been withut air conditioning cause it broke the day we got here and it just got fixed today so maybe she was over heated? she is eating well and she eats extra fine high potency harrisons bird food but i have never been able to get her to eat fresh veggies or fruits any way any ideas thanks so much

Misty Jo & Dahlila

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Jul 10, 2010
Bird eating poop
by: The Avian Vet

You need to take your bird in to see an avian veterinarian. These are symptoms of a sick bird and you should not wait. Birds usually do not eat their poop. Typically they are breaking up the poop to clean their cage or play area. If the poop is dry I suspect that is what is happening if the pop is wet, she may be doing the same thing, but maybe not.

Dr B

Jul 09, 2010
green urates, eating poop, watery green suronding poop
by: Linda

Your bird has an infection and will need to be seen, diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet in your driving area. Bacterial infections produce watery, oddly colored stools and some usually sticks to the underside of the vent as well.Eating poop will cause the infections to come back over and over again. Make sure bottom of cage and perches are cleaned at least every 24 hours which will keep the poop eating from causing repeated infections.Poop left longer than a day grows bacteria and if eaten will keep the infections coming back. I know this as it happened to me with some new Amazons many years ago, and I had to clean cage every day to make sure they did not get sick over and over again. Antibiotics are not healthy for birds if taken for long periods of time for chronic infections.

So, if you do not already have an Avian vet for your bird, now is the time to find one as anyone owning birds needs to have access to Avian Vets because birds get sick and need a doctor trained in their care. DO NOT TAKE YOUR BIRD TO A REGULAR DOG AND CAT VET AS THEY ARE NOT LICENSED OR TRAINED IN THE CARE OF EXOTIC BIRDS AND OTHER PETS AND WILL MAKE MATTERS MUCH WORSE IF THEY EVEN TREAT BIRD AT ALL. Most opt to NOT treat birds because if they kill the bird or cause some drastic internal damage from using the wrong meds in too large a dose, they could lose their licenses to practice. Most will charge you an office visit plus whatever else they do, and your bird will still be sick and will probably get much worse.Cheaper to go to Avian vets with birds in the first place.

So your bird is sick and will get sicker until she is diagnosed and properly treated by an Avian Vet in your driving area. Lots of people have to drive a ways to find an Avian Vet, so go where you have to to make sure she gets the medical treatment she needs.

Thanks for writing,

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