Green Wing Macaw

by thomas

hello, i have a yr old green wing macaw, about a month a go, he started to develope grey feathers on his chest, and a grey ring of feathers around the front of his neck, that wer not ther before, hes not a plucker at all, the feathers are coming in grey,, do you have any ideal whats going on with him , Thanks

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Aug 10, 2009
by: Linda

The gray feathers may be down feathers. If he is in the middle of his end of summer molt, then the down feathers closest to his skin are gray. If this is not the case, then he may have a vitamin/mineral deficiency which needs to be addressed with correct feeding. Parrots need to eat a high quality organic pellet like Harrison's.

Changeover from seeds to pellets takes some time, so be prepared for that. Harrisons also makes a birdy bread mix which needs the organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor that Tracie has out here and use egg whites instead of the yellows. The birdy bread can help with the change from seeds to pellets.

If your bird is on an all seed diet, you need to change him over. Also do not feed ANY table foods (stuff we eat) because most of these have too much fat, salt or sugar all of which are poison to birds. The salt and table sugar are outright poison, and the fat builds up in bird's body until they die of heart attack or stroke similar to humans.

So see if he is molting which would account for the gray feathers. If he is not molting, then this is a matter of diet and/or illness. If he has not been checked out by an Avian vet this year, then take him in so vet can see if he is healthy by doing some tests for infection and some bloodwork to see if anything else is wrong.


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