green wing parrots

by john hutley
(Capalaba 4157)

can you tell me what sort of nest boxes do the green wings

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Aug 28, 2011
green wing parrots
by: Linda

First of all in order to breed these very large Macaws, you'll have to have a very large aviary or an entire large room for them. They require lots of space because they have to be able to fly to get into proper breeding condition. So, if you cannot provide the kind of space they need, then forget about breeding them.

I know some people breed Macaws in small cages, and I'm saying that this is cruel to the parent birds and even more cruel to the babies as their parents cannot be healthy if this is all the space they have. Macaws need a minimum of enough space to spread their 3 foot wing span out in both directions without touching anything. For two, this means twice that space as a minimum. Nest boxes are at least 3 foot by 3 foot by 3 foot and can be boot shaped or L shaped. Box also has to be built so you have access to both eggs and babies so both can be checked on and sometimes you'll have to handfeed the babies in case Mother does not do it or do it correctly. This is a learned skill, and is very difficult with Macaws as they do a lot of head bobbing when being fed with a syringe. You will need to learn this from a breeder if you can get over all the other obstacles in your way here.

As for size of aviary or room, we are talking a minimum of 12 feet by 12 feet by 12 feet. and larger is preferable. The 12x12x12 is more what you'd want for a pair of Amazons, so multiply that by 4-5 times, and you are getting in the ballpark of how much room these giant birds need. They need lots of room even if they are not being bred, and this kind of space is a must if they are to be in proper breeding condition.

If you bought these birds for breeding, and you cannot provide them with the enormous amount of space they need, then you can either keep them as pets in a very large Macaw cage or you can take them to an Avian Vet for a checkup so you can obtain a health certificate for them and sell them to someone who has more room for them.

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