Green Winged Amazon trainable?

by S C

I just recently got a green winged amazon parrot my christmas present, he is 35 yrs old. he came from a home where the owners smoked and was not handled and rarely every taken out of its cage. I was wondering if evan at that age if I will be able to train him and will he be able to talk? I also own a blue and gold macaw that is seven years old and I have had him since he was two weeks old he's a talker and loves to play. I'm just needing some general information as to what to expect with an older parrot. hope your able to help me.

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Jan 05, 2010
Older Amazon Trainable
by: Anonymous

Hi, I also have an older Amazon (25) that I got from a rescue about 6 months ago. My guy can say "hello" and "hi" and a few other not so clear things, one is I think "want some". This guy is a real crab and will bite very hard given the opportunity, especially when on his cage. We love him anyway and mostly handle him on a perch, rather than on my hand. I think you need to be very patient and accept that this may be a long process. They are very smart and sensitive and it will take time to undo past hurts. Love them for what they are and anything more will just be a bonus. Good Luck

Dec 27, 2009
Amazon Eyes
by: Hillary

So is my Amazon a girl or boy? My dad is convinced Ann is a boy by her behavior. Very amorous around the gentlemen. She has black eyes with red rings around the iris. He. Whatever. And when do they make eggs? She's 40-is there a time period in which they are 'in heat'?

Dec 24, 2009
Green Winged Amazon trainable?
by: Linda

As far as I know, there are no green-wings Amazons as all their wings are green. There are Bluefronts, Yellowfronts, Yellowheads, Red-Lored, Yellownapes and a few others, so yours must be one of them.

The very first thing you need to do with this older bird is to take him to an Avian Vet to be checked out for infections both bacterial and viral, damage to lungs from the smoking or any other physical problems. My Amazons are also in their 30's, and it is good to take them in at least once a year for a good all-round checkup once they are getting older like this.

BEFORE ANY TRAINING, please take him in for a checkup. If he has not been handled in a long time, chances are he will be wild which will mean having to tame him down some so he is more gentle. There are some training materials here on this site which will help you with that. You will need to have his heath cleared with the Avian Vet first because sick birds will not learn. As for talking, the Amazons are very good talkers, but it will take some time. First, you will need to win his trust as trust is earned not given. Females are not as apt to talk as the males, though they will depending on the makeup of the bird. Birds enjoy learning words and songs they like, so you may wish try a variety of music to see what he likes. Mine like rock and roll, but not all birds like that type of music. Start with something classical or just more mellow.

Also, take a picture of him when you can and post it out here so we may be able to see what kind of Amazon you have.

What a wonderful Christmas gift your new bird is, and hope he checks out to be healthy at the vets. Keep us posted. Also as for sex, there is a little trick I learned many years ago for the older Amazons. The males will have a flat brown iris while the females with have a red tint to theirs. Look at yours in a good light and see whether you have a male or a female which will help if changing name. It's always nice to know whether they are a he or a she.


Dec 24, 2009
Old Amazon
by: Hillary

My Amazon is 40. I got her a few months ago from my dad where she was in similar conditions and she now chases me around the cage for scratches and love. Just sing to your bird, it will come running to you. Mine loves Second Hand Rose. It freaks her out, she comes running down the door to 'sing' with me.

I also leave the cage open all the time and put food inside and out so she has something to do, something to be interested in. You'll see your amazon will look you right in the eye. They are very curious and silly. I'm really jealous of your Macaw, by the way. I want a big bird, too.

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