GreenCheekedConure& FancyGreenCheekedConure

by Dee Anne Bone

Can they be in the same cage?, I have had my GreenCheeked in one cage. I bought another bird,a Fancy Green Cheeked Conure,this bird has had hardly any Human contact, I have had one for 2 months, and we get along farily well, the new one is scared to come to me.

Do I need to buy another cage,are there any CD's to help train them. I also have 2 cockteials.

Please someone help me, I had to get rid of my cat, He liked the taste of birds and when he tried to eat my greencheeked conure,well I had to get rid of him, but still have 3 chichihuaua's.

My Conures are named Conway, and Celio, my cocktieals are Moe and Meannie,even though I'm not sure of there sex's.

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Jan 07, 2009
Putting Conures together
by: Tracie

Only the birds can decide if they want to live together. It took us a couple of months to get our Green Cheeked Conures to be able to live together.

We do have a Parrot Training page with articles about health and problems people have with birds.

We also carry Parrot books and CD's that can help you train and understand your birds better.

It is best to house your birds separately if they do not get along so that they don't hurt each other or one does not keep the other from eating or drinking.

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