Hi my neighbours green cheek has been injured and they think he has a broken foot. We have no avian emergency clinic so we have to wait to get him to the vet in the moring.. is there anything that we should be doing for him right now???? How can we treat him??


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Sep 14, 2008
Injured Conure
by: Tracie

First, do a search and see if there is an avian clinic within driving distance.

Next, if you must wait until tomorrow then it depends on how the bird is doing on what you might do.

If the bird is getting along like normal, then maybe just move the perches, food, water and toys down near the bottom of the cage so if he falls he doesn't have far to go. You can also put folded towels on the bottom to cushion any falls.

If the bird is stressed and not doing well, then take out the perches and pad the bottom of the cage with towels. Provide food and water and a couple of familiar toys. You might want to cover the top and 3 sides of the cage to keep out drafts and some warmth in the cage too.

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