Greenwing baby with toe abnormality


We are getting a green wing, he is 3 weeks old right now. The breeder called me today and said on his right foot he has 3 forward toes and 1 rear toe instead of 2 forward and 2 back. Will this cause a problem in the furture with his balance and grabbing perchs? Would you not get a bird like this or will we be ok?

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Jul 23, 2008
Greenwing toe abnormality
by: The Vet

It is common for macaws to have one toe pointing in the wrong direction at this age. It is easily correctable with simple manipulation and physical therapy. Often times, nothing needs to be done and it will correct itself. In fact ALL parrots are in the shell with this toe configuration before they hatch and the toe turns as it matures, but usually within 1-2 weeks. I don't know if this is the case with this bird. You should request that this bid be examined by an avian veterinarian NOW in case there is something that needs to be done to fix the problem. If they wait, it may not be fixable. It will not affect him long term if it does not get fixed. He will learn to adjust.

More important than the toe is the fact you are getting this bird before it weans. I believe this is a mistake. Owners should never hand feed their own bird. You should leave the bird with the breeder and visit as the breeder is raising it. Hand feeding does not cause a bird to bond with the owner. In fact, after maturity the exact opposite is going to happen. You want your bird to look at you as a potential mate, not a parent. If it looks at you as a parent, it will be expecting you to kick it out of the nesting territory, and if you don't, it is going to try and chase you from the territory. If you want it to bond with you, which only begins to occur after sexual maturity, then you want the bird to view you as a potential mate, not a parent.

Dr. B

Jul 22, 2008
parrott toes
by: Anonymous

aparently abnormal toes occur often. The problem maybe genitically passed.Perhaps this breeder has had bad toes before. The problem is that although the baby will adjust ,it may take the bird a little longer to perch , climb and negotiate. The other problem is that it would not be responsible to allow this bird to mate because the abnormality may be passed to future fenerations. Good luck with your decision!

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