greenwing macaw scratching his own face

by Christa
(Lubbock, Texas, USA)

My greenwing macaw is 5 months old and he has been scratching his own face quite often and it is beginning to worry me. I bathe him every other day with water and twice a week with a bird bathing spray. He has had this behavior since the day I got him. I appreciate your help and time. Thank you, Christa

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Jan 04, 2010
greenwing macaw scratching his own face
by: Linda

Your bird may be allergic to the spray you're using on him or he may have an infection or parasites. Either way, you'll need to take him into see an Avian Vet in your driving area for a checkup. It is always a great idea to do this soon as we bring new birds home, so he is overdue his checkup.

He can also be allergic to food or something in his environment. Birds are very sensitive to all chemicals and so scented candles, room deoderizers, perfume, scented dryer sheets, cleaning chemicals, glue, finger nail polish and remover, hair spray and all pressurized cans must go when you have a bird in the home.

Make an appointment with an Avian Vet and have him checked for infection/parasites inside and out. The make sure he is eating an organic, pelleted diet and a few organic fruits/veggies to go along with the pellets. That combined with clean fresh water will be a good, highly nutritious, diet for your bird.

Let us know what vet has to say when you can,

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