greenwing macaw

by yvonne

what does it mean when my bird is constipated

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Jul 10, 2009
by: Linda

It can mean many things actually. One main consideration is his diet. Is he eating a wholesome pelleted diet with appropriate veggies and fruits given as treats? If he's on an all seed diet, this is not a wholesome diet, and will cause many physical problems now and in the future. If you want to try a changeover to pellets, I highly recommend Harrison's which Tracie carries out here. The change will need to be gradual, and there are instructions on bags. For more in-depth information about changing from seeds to pellets, go to, where you will find a wealth of information about changing your bird from seeds to pellets. They are always willing to answer your emails, or you can call in on their 800 number.

The other issue with consipation is a blockage of some kind. Don't ever use nylon rope for your bird's toys as these will not break down as they go through the system and cause blockages somewhere in the large or small intestine. Surgery is required to remove if death does not occur first. Toys too small for a Macaw, and that includes most of the ones you can probably afford to buy. Any small parts like beads or bell clangers can be lodged in intestines. If you cover cage with too think a cloth, this can also get lodged. We use 100% cotton rope and make our own toys for our Amazons. They are not as "hip" as those using a lot of acrylic, and they are always readily accepted.

It would be a good idea to take your bird to an Avian vet if he has not been in a while. You have a major investment in your bird financially and emotionally, so go ahead and talk with vet about this. Do not give bird any meds or laxatives on your own as this kind of dosing can and does kill birds outright. Make an appointment with an Avian vet in your area, give them a complete history for your bird which includes, diet, toys, cage, covers, what bird has access to in home. Just about anything you can think of will be helpful for them to be able to help you and your bird.

Keep us posted on what happens. Also, it would be okay to give him some orange slices from organic oranges only. Also some apple pieces can help to loosen the stool. Too much apple will cause all manner of stomach upset, but then so does constipation. Only feed fruit and veggies that you KNOW are organically grown and not sprayed with chemicals. Oranges and applies soak up these chemicals as do most veggies and they become poisonous for birds AND people.


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