Grey Baby Parrot sound

by Shabbir

We got a Baby African grey parrot a week before the time we purchase from a local bird market here in Kuwait his sound was clear and loud saying koko koko but from next day in our house we feel his voice is bit low like a very small chic or like when something stuck in his throat but some time it's clear.

His eyes are full black and on his leg ring is written (57. 11 EJG) we don't know the his age but as per seller he is 5 month old. We feed him sunflower seed, almond, nuts, apple and pomegranate . He eats and fly normally looks healthy except this voice. Is this normal for a baby parrot ?

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Mar 23, 2012
common sense
by: Anonymous

you got it from the local market here, so you should've known that it would be sick in the first place. common sense around here. you should've taken it to the vet as soon as you got it, which is at the market anyway.

Dec 12, 2011
African Grey with strange sounding voice
by: Tracie

You are describing what a bird sounds like when it has an infection. This is serious. You need to Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird in person and treat your bird right away.

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