grey parrot falling

by michaela buchner
(lakecity pa us )

my parrot keeps on falling off his cage and won't talk at all

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Dec 08, 2012
grey parrot falling
by: Linda

I did not see a question in your letter, so I guess it is why is parrot falling and not talking? You have to stop the bird falling off cage if the cage is very tall because he can and will break something. The not talking is impossible to answer since you did not say how long you'd had bird. Birds do not talk at first, and they also don't talk if they are sick or injured.They won't talk until they fully trust a new human, and trust is earned not freely given. You have to earn your bird's trust by always being kind, gentle and understanding of everything about him. If he is healthy, he will talk when he's ready. If he's not healthy, the below paragraph explains what you have to do. All new birds have to be examined by an avian vet within the first few days we have them to make sure they are healthy and ready for all the stress of moving to new home.

My suggestion is to have him examined by an Avian Vet ONLY in your area to make sure he's not sick. The fact that he keeps falling may be because he is sick, and sick birds also won't talk because they do not feel well.

Find an Avian Vet

Birds that are happy, healthy and eating a high quality diet are energetic, and Greys start learning sounds before they learn words.

So, I strongly suggest your bird be examined by an avian vet right away to see if he has any infections bacterial or viral. Also, if his cage is not too far off the floor, and his wings are clipped correctly, he should be able to land fairly gently. If wings were clipped wrong, then he's at risk for broken bones everywhere.Always have an avian vet clip wings and toe nails. Never, ever take him to a pet store because they sometimes know nothing about what they're doing and will hurt your bird by trimming incorrectly. This also means groomers in pet shops or anywhere. Few of them work with birds, which means they can kill your bird by not knowing what they are doing. Avian Vets can take of all the wing and nail clipping for not much in cost.

Let us know what avian vet has to say, and also let us know what kind of diet he is on because all seed diets are slow starvation for parrots.


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