growth on nostril of galah

by lorraine craig
(noraville nsw australia)

my 40 year old galah has a growth growing from his left nostril, it has doubled in size over the last 2 weeks. He likes to dig in the ground, has done this for over 20 years that i have had him/her. is this a bacterial infection or a fungal infection?

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May 03, 2012
Growth on nostril of Galah
by: Anonymous

I think it's time to take your bird to an AVIAN vet.

To deprive your bird of medical attn, when it's apparent he needs it, is animal cruelty.

There is no way we here on a forum can diagnose your bird's condition. Your bird needs to be physically examined by an avian vet.

If cost is an issue, please talk to someone at the vets about making payments. Most vets will work with you, to make sure your bird gets the medical treatment it needs.

You should have taken him to the vet right away, never wait and let it fester up. Whatever this is, can potentially kill him.

Also at the vets, ask him his opinion on letting your bird dig in the ground. I personally don't let my birds on the floor, muchless the ground outside. There's tons of dust, and allergens, and bateria on the floor in your house, the ground outside isnt much better, especially if you have a dog that potties out there.

Your bird could have a bacterial infection, or bc of his age, it could possibly even be a tumor growth. Only an avian vet can tell you.

Please, do whats best for the bird, take him to an AVIAN vet.

May 03, 2012
growth on nostril of galah
by: Linda

There is no way of telling, so you'll have to take him to an Avian Vet ONLY in your area for diagnosis and treatment plan.

Even though you've allowed him to play in the dirt for so long, it is not a good idea. There are many potential dangers from allowing him to play in the dirt. Internal/external parasties, disease growing in the soil are two of the major problems. The growth could be either fungal or bacterial. It could also be a parasite eating his beak away, so please do not delay taking him to be examined, diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet.

In future, I recommend he no longer play in the dirt. If he really likes to do this, then provide him a "clean" sand/dirt box he can play in that is not left outside for animals, birds, bugs, fungus/bacteria and parasites to grow in. This could be an inside toy and could be part of a play gym with other toys hanging down he can play with while he plays in the dirt. Allowing him to play outside in the ground dirt is going to lead to further health complications. As he ages, his immune system will become less able to handle various infections/diseases he may encounter in the outside dirt. Make him a play box for on the porch or deck that can be either covered and left outside or brought into the house so he can play inside in bad weather.

Thanks for writing and let us know what the Avian Vet has to say about the growth. No one on the internet will be able to tell you what it is because it could be several different things none of which can be diagnosed without an Avian Vet doing it. Do not try and treat it yourself either for the same reason. Until you know what it is and/or what is causing it, it cannot be treated.


May 02, 2012
Growth on galah cockatoo nare
by: Tracie

The growth needs to be biopsied to tell if it is an infection or a tumor. You will need to Find an Avian Vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is causing this and what the potential treatment might be.

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