Grumpy African Grey


I have an african grey, nearly 4 months old, Blue. I actually think im in love. :)

He loves kutches (hugs) and often falls asleep with me. Hes brilliant at being handled and regularly is by several people not just me.

Today he started grinding his beak for the first time and im a little worried as he has been slightly aggressive in his behaviour and voice also - he has never tried to bite at all before now.

For the first time since ive had him (over a month now) i was rather busy yesterday and im also quite poorly with tonsilitus so have had minimum contact with him until literally just now.

Have noticed the last 2 days he seems to be itching / scratching around his head a few times - is this normal?

I have 2 large cages for Blue, 1 in my room where he sleeps and a large one in the living room for during the day - (i work from home). He has just started using this one downstairs with me as i have had building work done in the kitchen and I wanted to ensure he was safe from fumes and dust etc so stayed in my room with him upstairs whilst all of this was being done.

He has a very balanced diet with his complete food, some seeds (which he is manic about) with plenty of vegetables and some fruit.

He still sleeps on one foot and is cleaning himself regularly and everything else appears normal - am i just being paranoid and is Blue just being grumpy with me? Or do i need to be worried and go see the vet with Blue?

Any advice gratefully received :)


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Jan 25, 2009
Thankyou for advice
by: aimee oneil

Thankyou :)

He's much happier now - was being paranoid - again!

I tend to spend all day with Blue and it was definately the grumps! Quite funny really, he's got such a big personality its insane but thankyou very much for your guidance. This website is amazing and everyone is so lovely!

We're currently watching Moulin Rouge (his favourite) as Blue is refusing to be in his cage as per usual, much happier lazing on the couch with me doing Sunday in style and chirping nonesense in my ear. He's learnt a sexy whistle sound from somewhere haha and keeps barking at the kittens!

Any advice on spoilt parrots lol? And parrot owners riduclously in love with their greys? I think im addicted :)

Jan 23, 2009
african grey
by: Anonymous

Hi, my african grey timneh, Quincy gets grumpy when he is moulting. He gets them new waxy feathers and is constantly scratching his head with his toy bell and constantly grooming. He is 10 years old though and yours is much younger. Maybe Blue is losing his baby feathers and getting new ones. Lynn

Jan 22, 2009
African Greys
by: Anonymous

African greys are bored easily.. If you didnt spend too much time with him (which they love), he might be a little mad. THey love to be out of their cage and played with. My grey fights to come out of her cage and acts up sometimes f you dont let her out. You should, though, spend at least three hours a day(not straight) with your african grey outside of its cage.

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