grumpy macaw

by ross
(uk surrey)

why dose my macaw get nasty when its getting dark

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Jan 21, 2011
grumpy macaw...
by: Lisa

I have an African Grey that gets less and less 'cheerful' as the day goes on. In the mornings she is sweet, funny, affectionate, chatty, and just generally lovey. As the day goes on, she gets a little more low-key, and by night time she is pretty content to just sit quietly with me, preening or napping. I noticed that she is very likely to bite me if I try to interact with her during this later time of day, and being the wild creature she is, I have to respect her moods and fit my behavior around her wants and needs-- This was hard for me to learn to adjust to, being a lifelong dog owner. My dogs have always followed suit to MY moods, not vice verce, like my parrot! So I suggest you just let your parrot have his space when he is asking you for it in the only way he knows how-- You'll both have happier, more peaceful, lives for it.

Jan 17, 2011
Grumpy macaw at night
by: Tracie

Maybe it is tired and wants some peace and quiet? If you watch TV after dark in the same room as your parrot, then you can purchase a travel cage and put your bird in a quiet room at night.

Since you didn't share the details, I don't know what the situation is. No matter what, I don't know why it gets grumpy, but if it is showing signs it wants to be left alone, then I suggest you leave it alone.

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