h pritchard

by hayley pritchard

how do i train my parrot to go to the toilet in the cage and not on my floor!

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Aug 26, 2008
Teaching conure to poop in cage
by: Anonymous

I have a pearly conure who I taught to poop in his cage.(not always). I started by watching him closly when I had him on me. He tends to get very figgity and then starts to back up. When he starts doing that I would pt him on his perch and say "go poop". It took a few months but now he goes poop before I take him out of his cage and when I put him back in. I make sure to put him in his cage every half hour or when gets figitty unless he is snuggling under a blanket with me.

I am a new bird owner, I have had Taco for two years now but never had birds before so I am still learning.

Aug 12, 2008
Toilet training your bird
by: Tracie

It takes time and patience, but many have trained their birds. You can buy a book on it, but basically you just spend time with your bird and every time it poops, you say a certain word that you will want to always say in the future to get the bird to poop.

Eventually, your bird will hopefully connect the word and the action. When that happens you start rewarding the behavior with a treat or lots of praise.

When the bird is "trained" you can say the word and the bird will poop and then you take it out of the cage. After spending this much time with your bird, you should have an idea of how often he goes and you need to make sure you get him back in the cage so he can poop, you do NOT want him to hold it for a long time.

This is not meant to replace a book or article that is written by an authority. I am only telling you what I have learned from others. My birds are not "toilet" trained.

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