Hacking cough

by sherry

Our Nayday parrot just started coughing. Its almost sounds like a smokers cough. He was given to us about a week ago he is about 3yrs old. When we got him he had already been plucking his feathers.He has plucked all his chest,belly, and leg feathers and is trying to get to the top of his wings.

we bought an anti plucking spray to help discurge it been using it for about 2 days it seems to have helped. Not sure if the spray might have something to do with cough or not. Any help will be greatfullly taken.

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Dec 03, 2009
Bird damaging feathers and coughing
by: The Vet

Yes the spray can be causing the cough. It is not likely to help the feather damaging behaviors anyway, however, spraying and bathing may be part of the overall treatment for feather damaging behaviors.

I recommend that you first take your bird in to see an avian veterinarian to determine a diagnosis for the coughing and the feather damaging behaviors. I have attached an article I wrote that may help with the feather damaging behaviors.

Feather Damaging Behavior article

Dr B

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