Hahns Macaw new bahavior

Our 4 year old Hahns Macaw has suddenly started to fly from his Perch to the floor and walk around. He gets mad when we try to place him back on his perch, and flies right back to the floor again. I am worried he will get stepped on or ingest something harmful.

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Dec 22, 2011
by: Jenn

I appreciate your responses. We have been keeping him in my son's bedroom as we have cats, but about a month ago we began to slowly introduce them and bringing him out to socialize in the living room/kitchen area with us...I think he has decided he wants out to socialize, and flies to the floor and sits at the bedroom door waiting...quite a smart little guy, but not safe.

I am going to try some of the suggestions, more toys and more supervised socializing.

Have a great day!

Dec 20, 2011
Hanhns Macaw new behaviour
by: Anne

It is quite normal for him to fly to the ground & want to investigate his surroundings on the floor.
Try letting him have a wander for a while before replacing on the perch.
Why not put some of his food into a dish on the floor just under his cage to encourage him to go to it rather than pick bits up, works for my birds.
I have a few bits in front of the radiator for them which I leave permanant with some cuttle fish & they love to play chasing each other it's fun to watch as well.

Dec 20, 2011
Hahns Macaw new bahavior
by: Linda

The floor is not a good place for such a small bird, and he will get hurt there one way or another. Is it possible he gets hungry or thirsty while sitting on his perch? Maybe bored...

If so, you'll need to have food and water cups installed on his perch. If he has a playtop on his cage, they usually have a food and water dish. It sounds like he may need food or water. Also, it gets boring just sitting on a perch, so you may want to consider a cage with a playtop if he doesn't have one as this may stop this behavior. The playtop cages have a sitting perch with food and water cups plus a place or two to hang a toy.

Birds enjoy chewing on safe wooden toys, so you may want to get him one of these made of some kind of soft/hardwood combination.I make my parrots' toys, and if you're interested in knowing how, write back for more information. I buy safe, cut, clean, sanded wooden pieces for their toys. There is a safe wood list on this site. I find wooden pieces in all kinds of shapes, just make sure they have no stain or varnish on them as those are poison. Just plain cut and sanded safe types of wood both hard and soft works. My birds love them, and I stopped buying toys a long time ago. If you'd rather buy them, then look for the ones with different shaped pieces made from wood. Lots of pet stores have these online. Birds love to chew on wood, and it also helps to keep their beaks honed down so they don't grow to a point which is dangerous.

Keep in touch with us and let us know how this goes because as you already know, the floor walking has got to stop before he eats poison or gets stepped on and broken.

Thank You for writing,

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