Hahn's stopped talking

by Nan Hay
(Dickinson, Tx.)

A customer of mine recently re-homed "Chico", his Hahn's with me. The 5 year old male Hahn's talked a blue streak at his previous owners house. He just slammed shut as soon as he came to my house! He's been with me for 2 months and does say

"Goodbye", when anyone leaves the room and says"Nite", when I cover his cage. Will he eventually begin to talk and ,at 5 years, will he learn to say more things from us? This is Chico on my shoulder with his apple. He's a very nice boy!

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Nov 20, 2010
Hahn's stopped talking
by: Linda

Your bird feels abandoned which he has been, and it may take a lot of time before he is happy enough again to talk and play as he used to. He also needs to be seen by an Avian Vet to rule out any physical causes like infections which are quite common in re-homed birds.

Yes, he has the capacity to learn enough words to fill a huge vocabulary. He needs time and the services of an Avian Vet, and most of all, he needs your love and support. He was abandoned by his previous owner, and in his eyes, humans cannot be trusted. Trust takes much time to gain and is earned not freely given.

Please take care of him as you are all he has.


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