hairfall in my parrot

what should i do to prevent hairfall in my parrot.she is just 2 and a half years old.she is loosing hair around her eyes and doesnt have a very green look.she is very naughty and lively at all times but she doesnt have a healthy look.please help me with some suggestions??

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May 15, 2018
parrort hair fall proplem
by: Anonymous

My parrort have same hair fall problem so wht we can do...she is 2 yr old , ple suggest me.

Oct 08, 2011
Bird food in India
by: Tracie

No, because I am not familiar with what is available there. I suggest you contact an avian vet in your country, even if they are not near you, and ask what they suggest according to what is available where you are.

If anyone reads this thread that lives in India, and has a suggestion, please post your answer to help others that live in India. Please also suggest Avian Vets or experts in India.

Oct 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

i am based in india so i dont know if i will get the above named can u suggest some thing else??

Oct 07, 2011
hairfall in my parrot
by: Linda

First of all you need to take your bird to an Avian Vet to be checked for infections or some other physical cause for this feather loss.

Secondly, this could be related to diet, and if your bird is eating a seed only diet, then your bird is slowly starving to death from lack of quality nutrition. All seed diets are very poor diets consisting mainly of fat without any real protein or other needed nutrients to grow healthy skin and feathers.

Once you've taken bird to be checked out by Avian Vet start the gradual change in diet. Your bird will do very well eating organic pelleted diet, and there are several kinds on this site. The best one is Harrison's, and your bird needs to be eating the Hi-Potency in the grind size for your bird. Below is an article on how to go about changing from seeds to pellets, and it takes times, so be patient and follow instructions.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Please do not delay taking your bird to an Avian Vet as he may be sick and in need of exam and possible meds for an infection. Birds who eat poor diets are always unhealthy which means they are apt to get whatever infection is around because their immune systems are not being supported by a health diet.

Thanks for writing,

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