This is Karen’s Half Moon Conure pictures and story.

She has two Half Moon Conures, also known as the Orange Front Conure.

Half Moon Conure, Karlie Half Moon Conure Half Moon Conures
Karlie Karlie’s new toy Karlie and Punky

My search for a Half Moon Conure was finally successful and I got Punky (aka Toto) as a Mother's Day gift to myself in May 2005. Half Moons are also called Orange Front Conures, not to be confused with a Peach Front Conure. She already speaks and says "what 'cha doing?", "hello", "Nicky", and makes a sound just like the puppies squeaky toys. Pepper keeps looking around to see who got her toy.

She is finger-trained but not comfortable enough with me yet to want to snuggle the way Lucy and Rikki do. She's seven years old and not too old to re-train. I think with some work she will be an exceptional bird

I still wanted a "baby" Half Moon that would be snuggly and didn't come with as much baggage as Punky did. One day, just by pure chance, I stopped in at a pet store that I go to once in a while, and low and behold, there was this baby Half Moon.

I asked them to let her out for me and she instantly snuggled up to me. I was a goner...instant love. But, I was scheduled to have surgery soon and wasn't sure this was the best time to get a new bird.

When I read the notice on the front of her cage that said her hatch date was June 5, I knew then she was meant to be mine. My older son's birthday is June 5th.

She has been such a blessing! She is really, really sweet, very smart, and carries on conversations with me. She says "want out", "go see Punky", "hello", "it's good", "it's cold", "mine", "nite-nite", and lots of other phases.

I'm continually amazed at what she comes out with sometimes.

Other things they say: out, up-up, whata you want, and Karlie says see punky, love you, gimme kisses, brat (wonder where she got that one?), water, drink, want a nut, no bite, and be nice.

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