Half moon won't come out of cage

by janice

I just bought a 2 yr old half moon parrot and she won't come out of her cage and she doesn't talk any.The lady said she talked and loves people but she won't come to me.She just stays in her cage and sleeps and eats all day.Does anyone know why she is like that?

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May 25, 2009
Shy and/or Stubborn
by: Linda

Janice, new bird is afraid of you and everything around it. You will have to put your hand into cage and say "UP" so he will get on your finger.Do not pull back even if he nips you a little, as this will set you up for getting bit all the time.Birds want to feel their "perch" is secure, and can actually be trained to bite by people fearing they will get bit and pulling back.You are now a parrot owner, and will get bit from time to time anyway.Get a good book about your bird or parrots in general.Tracie has some good beginner books out here. ( books on caring for birds ) It will help with choosing safe toys for your bird, proper feeding and more that you need to learn.
Give your bird time with you outside cage.Walk him around your house on your finger or hand talking softly to him about what is in each room.When about 10-15 minutes have passed doing this "bonding", put him back in his cage and leave door open if you are going to be watching him in same room.Also, get an outside free-standing perch ready or if cage is flat get a play top for him which will make coming out of cage FUN! Give your new bird some time to settle in, and parrots are NOT machines, so he'll talk when he is ready to and feels safe with you.Talking is something that happens when bird is happy, safe and healthy and takes a while in a new home with new person(s).
A trip to a qualified Avian Vet is also a must for a new bird, as their immune systems are compromised from the stress of changing homes.Please do that asap to make sure he is healthy and not carrying a bacterial infection which will make him not want to play or talk. Also, get him weaned on to a good organic pelleted diet like Harrison's which is sold here.Size appropriate for his size.It can take a while, so just put a little seed mix in bottom with some pellets on top.I sweetened mine up with a few drops of organic apple juice, and that got my Amazons to like them.Once he is eating the pellets, only feed dark yellow/orange/green veggies,like cooked squash,sweetpotato/raw dark leafy.The Harrisons Birdy Bread is also a good way to get him to like the taste of the pellets.Do not use any additional vitamin or mineral supplementation with the Harrisons and feed no animal protein at all ever especially when feeding a diet like Harrisons which is complete with everything bird needs.
Let us know how you all are doing and attach a picture of him when you can. Linda

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