Hand feeding 6 week old blue and gold macaw

I am presently hand feeding my 6 week old macaw 60cc of formula 4 times per day. At what age should the formula be increased, and to what amount?

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Mar 19, 2012
Hand feeding budgies?...

I do not have any breeders near me. can someone please tell me how much I should feed them, when I should feed them and a chart that shows how much by days i should feed them and when.

Also, I go to school from 8:30-3:20 so I was thinking that during the time I am gone at school, their mum could feed them and while i'm home I feed them. Will they become tame still and is that okay?

Mar 18, 2012
Help!! Handfeeding Blue and gold macaw!!
by: Waffle

Hi! I am about to hatch my own blue and gold macaw egg. I know what formula and everything but when should I start hand feeding and how much and when should I start weaning them onto harder foods like fruit and pellets? Can someone please give me a chart maybe that tells me what times I should feed it, How much I should feed it and when I should wean it onto harder foods! PLEASE HELP!!

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Sep 25, 2010
Hand feeding 6 week old blue and gold macaw
by: Linda

My best suggestion is to find some breeders either in your area or on the internet and ask them this very question. When I was feeding Macaw babies, they were already a few months old, and we fed 120cc's of formula 2-3 times a day, and I cannot remember whether 2 or 3 as it's been a long time.

You'll find breeders helpful with something like this because most of them love the birds and enjoy helping others with their birds. Since the Macaws are unique unto themselves, so are the people who love and care for them, so do a bit of searching, and you'll find a site that will help you.

Another thing I will caution you about is to not stop hand-feeding too early. In the wild, mother Macaws and Cockatoos feed their babies up to 9 months and sometimes a year. Now, they are also teaching them to eat other things as well, so it would not be handfeeding as much. Just prepare yourself to be willing to at least supplement this baby for a good long time. You can start the weaning process, and feed once or twice a day. I'd continue this process until bird is at least 6 months old and then he should be eating enough of the real food so that you can feed once a day or not at all. The reason for NOT weaning the large birds too soon is emotional damage. These large parrots are literally big babies and must be handfed much longer than the smaller ones because of the closeness and nurturing they receive from a Mom who is willing to handfeed her baby boy or girl. The commercial breeders wean way too quickly because it brings in more money to wean them too early and sell them. What happens is the baby Macaw or Cockatoo will have trouble adjusting for the rest of its life because of breeder being in a hurry to wean. You don't have that problem, so relax and enjoy this time of bonding with your baby and allow him to stay a baby longer than you would an Amazon or bird of that size.You will be very pleased with the results. Also, I don't mean spoil him rotten because that comes back on you later. Baby birds need to have limits set and some gentle but firm discipline when needed much like human children. What looks adorable today will be obnoxious and harder to fix later on.

Let us know what information you find out about when to start the 120cc's each meal and how often. You could try it now, but at only a month and a half, baby may be just too little to hold that much. The Greenwings I fed were quite large and eating two 60cc syringes a meal. They could not sit on perch and so looked like huge red/green balls/blobs in the bottom on the cage. As you've already found out, they are harder to feed because they want to violently shake their heads. This gets worse as they become larger and stronger, so keep a "grip" on things (LOL!)


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