Hand feeding african grey babies

by Ahmed

When to hand feed my african grey baby and how and what to feed

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Sep 13, 2013
Hand feeding african grey babies
by: Linda

Ahmed, unfortunately this is something you needed to learn before you got the babies. Handfeeding baby parrots is a learned skill, and all I can do here is to give you minimum information. You will probably need to talk with a parrot breeder before all is said and done.An Avian Vet would also be good.

Baby parrots have to eat a handfeeding formula. You can look in your local pet shops for this item. Since I have no idea what you have access to there, make sure you read directions because food has to be quite warm but not so hot it burns babies' crops. Cold food will go rancid in their crops and kill them.Feed NO complicated foods including fruit because they cannot digest it.

Secondly, you can use a spoon but a syringe is better for having no air bubbles which transfer to babies' crop and cause displacement of food. Talk with local Avian Vet about sizes of syringes because the larger birds use larger syringes. 50-60cc fed 4 times a day for older babies. Leave with their mother until they are fully feathered. If she does not feed all of them, you will have to take the smaller ones out and begin handfeeding and then put back in with family.

As I said, I cannot possibly tell you everything you need to know because the actual handfeeding is a learned skill. If you do it wrong, you can aspirate babies and they will die of pneumonia, so find another breeder in your area to see how this is done.

Babies have to be weighed using a gram scale every day. If even one baby does not gain weight, then all are sick with some kind of bacterial infection. They will have to go to an Avian Vet ONLY. A regular dog and cat vet will kill them.

Let us know how it goes and if the mother bird readily feeds all the babies, wait to handfeed until you have learned everything about it.


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