Hand Feeding formula

by Lacey
(Makawao, HI, United States)

Knowing there are many brands of formulas to choose from, what would be the most recommended hand feeding formulas to give infant parrots?

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Jan 06, 2013
Best bird hand feeding formula is Roudybush
by: The Avian Vet

In my opinion, none are even close to Roudybush. It mixes easily, it does not separate, it is very smooth and creamy, it is easy to weigh and guarantee exact concentrations each time, it is all natural, the babies do excellent on it. I have raised everything from parrotlets and Java finches, to Hyacinth macaws and got excellent weights, onetime weaning, terrific growth rates, and birds with no stress bars – ever.

Dr B

Oct 23, 2012
Hand Feeding formula
by: Linda

Roudybush is very good and an all time favorite. It is found here.

Thanks for writing,

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