hand feeding sun conure

i am hand feeding a baby sun counures i have hand fed lots of babys in the past so i no what i am doing i have this one sun baby she was hatched lated and is on the small side she is about 9 weeks old she was eating the exact hand feeding formula find all up intill about aweek ago she just wants to eat fruit and veggies she eat them like crazy but she will not eat any pellet

i tried to take the fruit and veggies away to see if that helps but she still dont seem to eat the pellet i but a water bottle on the cage and she will dring the water alot of it i am worried that she is drinking to much water she will eat cherros she still makes the crying to be hand fed but when i hand feed her she dont want it i have tryed butting apple sauce and peanut butter in the food too can any one give me any suggestion on what to do next for this baby i never had this problem before

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Jun 02, 2011
Sun conure feeding problems
by: Tracie

It sounds to me you need to take the bird to your avian vet that hopefully you take all your birds to before selling them.

If you are a breeder, then you should have a very good relationship with your avian vet, and you might can even call and ask for advice without even bringing the bird in. I suspect the bird has an illness and the vet will want to do a blood test and exam though.

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