hand raised cockatiel got cooking oil in body

by e steel
(townsville qld australia)

Coco our cockatiel had kinda flies around kitchen benches and unfortunately last night i had a cooled cooking oil(deep frying) in a pan and she must landed in it, she is now has cooking oil smell and have tried wiping them off but i dont think it is coming off, what can we do to get rid of oil in its feathers and she is awfully quiet since i wiped her, obviously frightened and freaked out. Please help.

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Jun 07, 2009
Oil on Bird
by: Linda

Please follow the vet's advice and get her clean as soon as possible. The oil will coat her skin, and she will die of suffocation if all the oil is not off her. Keep the soap away from her eyes, and do not let her drink any of it. Gently wash her, do not scrub hard or you will break feathers--suds her up and gently work it into feathers down to skin. If she has oil on her head, use a soft cloth with the soap and water on it to wash it down as the feathers grow and a little up motion(you must get down to skin). If you do not feel comfortable doing this, please get her to an avian vet as an emergency so they can clean her up. It is easy to do, just will be upsetting to her is all. Dying will be much more upsetting to both of you.

Do the bath immediately, and then make an appointment with the avian vet to make sure she is okay and that all the oil is off.

When you are cooking and even after you are finished, do not let birds fly around loose. When you start cooking, put her in her cage until everything is done and cleaned up. Birds will also fly into hot oil, water and spagetti sauce if it is there. They have been badly burned from flying onto a hot oven or elements on the stove. There's no end to the danger with a kitchen and a loose bird.

Let us know how everything goes.

Jun 07, 2009
Bird got into cooking oil
by: The Vet

Give her a bath in Dawn dish detergent (if you can they sell this where you live)or a non-toxic cleaner. Mix a little into some warm-hot water, get is a little sudsy and bather her. Then rinse well and repeat until all is out. You must take her in to see an avian veterinarian after she is clean to be sure she has not developed any problems secondary to this incident.

Dr B

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