Hand tamed naughty lorikeet.

by Chantelle
(Adelaide )

hey there! I have a 3-5 month old small lorikeet who I'm having a few issues with. He's tame (I assume he's a male) and isn't afraid of my fingers or anything, but he's a naughty little bird! And I'm having difficulty figuring out what certain things mean.

He screams a lot! Especially when he can see me but I'm not giving him attention, and it becomes quite irritating. Also when I go to take him out of his cage he climbs on the wire to the top (which is hard to reach), and gets angry when I try to make him step up. He'll happily reach over to my shoulder and climb on but gets very stubborn when it comes to climbing onto my finger unless he has no other option.

Here's a list so it's easier to break it up for you:
- bites when picking picked up from top of cage
- screams when he can see me/hear me
- when out of cage only ever wants to go on my shoulder and preen my hair

- is hard to get off shoulder once on (doesn't appreciate being taken away from my hair)

- he has recently started hoping around the bottom of his cage bobbing his neck up and down, when I reach my hand in he rolls over on his back and holds my finger with his feet (what does this mean?!)

- will not happily sit on play gym by himself (just wants to be on my shoulder)

- I want to be able to leave him to have fun on the swing and ladders etc but he flies off (his wings are clipped) onto the ground.

- help me! he's such a beautiful baby but I don't know how to change his bad habits around.

I know I'm just blasting you right now but I don't want him to dislike me sooner or later.