Hand-fed 3 week old Lovebird

by Cathy
(Hudson, Fl, USA)

Babe @ 2 wk old

Babe @ 2 wk old

Hello. I've had my baby since he was 8 days old. I'm feeding him Exact Baby formula. He seemed to be doing good, until we discovered he was splay-legged. We put a fleece "shackle" on him 3 days ago, so it's keeping his legs under him.

My main concern is that he sleeps all the time. I even have to wake him for his feeding (every 4 1/2 - 5 hr). Once awake, most of the time, he's an eager eater, taking about 4cc of formula (in a soft pudding consistancy). His droppings seem normal. I have experience feeding babies (Amazons & Cockateils), but I don't remember them sleeping this much at 3 weeks old.

Am I imagining a problem or could I be missing something? He's being raised as a Christmas/Birthday gift, so I want him to be as healthy as possible. I appreciate any advice. Thank you.


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Dec 05, 2012
Hand-fed 3 week old Lovebird
by: Linda

Your bird is sick, and I can see it in the picture. Please get him to an Avian Vet immediately because he won't last much longer as weak and sickly as he is. Also, he is too young to be eating his formula as thick as you are making it. It does not need to be really thin, but he is not old enough to digest a thick formula yet.The consistency of oatmeal is to be given to older handfeeding babies not ones this young. Ask the Avian Vet about this while you are there, so you are getting the absolute correct information.

He probably has a bacterial infection common to baby birds from all species and he will not get well until he is diagnosed and treated. Also talk with avian vet about the splay legs and see if it is a genetic problem or something else.

Time is not on your side here, so get him to an avian vet right away or risk losing him. By the way, he will not be ready to be weaned until he is closer to 3 months of age. Right now, he does not even have any feathers, is sick and lame and Christmas is not the time to give anyone any kind of pet. There is too much stress all around for any new pet to get the attention it needs.

Get this baby healthy again and continue to handfeed him until it is time to wean him. Do not ever give anyone a baby still being handfed because most do not know what to do with them other than watch them die from their lack of experience.

If you are familiar with handfeeding babies, you also know that they revert back to wanting to be handfed once they are moved. This is so with all freshly weaned babies. They will go back to being babies again because of the stress of moving to a new place and strangers. Make sure he is fully weaned which is why I said 3 months. He has to be fully weaned and eating a wholesome diet of organic pellets before any attempt is made to rehome him.You will also have to teach new parents how to handfeed him safely before he goes to a new home. Have them visit him around feeding times and show them everything from how to mix the dry with water, to how warm to get it, and how much. As he ages, he'll need more formula at one time too. Make sure they understand how to feed without choking him or aspirating him with the food. He will revert back for a time after they take him home, and this means he will start to refuse food he's already been eating, so they have to know how to feed him.

Thanks for writing and let us know how he's progressing and what avian vet has to say about his health.

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Dec 05, 2012
by: Rita

He is under stress & is handi-capped. He needs more sleep then the others.Special needs child has special needs!

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