handfeeding 7wk sun conure

by Debby
(Hoover, AL)

why is my baby sun conure regurgitating his formula? I am so worried--please help us

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Feb 04, 2012
handfeeding 7wk sun conure
by: Linda

Your baby may be sick, so before anything, take him to an Avian Vet ONLY to be examined for infections.

Find an Avian Vet

You may be feeding him incorrectly or food is not warm enough. Birds needs to be handfed using a syringe and you have to put only small amounts of food in their mouths allowing them time to swallow before putting more. Putting too much food into their mouths at one time can cause choking which will lead to pneumonia from the aspiration of food into the lungs.

So, food has to be warm enough to not burn your wrist or inner arm, needs to be fed with a syringe and not too much fed at a time. To get in a hurry means your baby is going to either be sick or choke to death.

Take him to Avian Vet immediately to make sure all is well physically.


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