Handicapped bird perch selections

We have several handicapped bird perch selections including Get a Grip nets, cajeput wood shelf perches and Sqwatters platform bird perches.

Get a Grip net handicapped bird perch

Get a Grip Nets
** Our Price $61.49 - 102.49 **

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Choose a Get a Grip net that has small enough holes that your bird will not fall through. Handicapped birds enjoy these nets when they are out of the cage, when hung at a low angle.

These nets are made out of sturdy material that will hold up for years of use.

Sqwatters Bird Shelf Perch Sqwatters Platform Perches
** Our Price $6.29 - 12.79 **

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Sqwatters Platform Perches work great for handicapped birds. They have a non-slip surface that can easily be cleaned.

Give your bird a break from round perches and allow them to stretch their toes. You will find that your bird enjoys this alternative to traditional perches.

Cajeput table perch for birds Cajeput Table Perches
** Our Price $4.99 - 10.98 **

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These Cajeput Table Perches provide a comfortable handicapped bird perch. They look nice in the cage and provide a natural, comfortable place for your handicapped bird to rest.

AAREST Bird Rest Shelf AAREST Bird Rest Table Perches
** Our Price $14.89 **

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These Parrot Shelf Table Perches come in a variety of colors to match the color of your cage. They are wrought iron and powder coated for easy clean up.

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