Handling the eggs

by Louise
(Brisbane, Australia)

I am concerned the 3 eggs in my Ringneck Parrots nesting box will not hatch. I am not to sure on the dates that she may have laid them, although do believe it would have been about a month ago. If I do handle them to see if there is anything in them will she go back to them after they have been handled? Or is it to late for them.

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Oct 06, 2009
by: Linda

Incubation time is 22-24 days, so if these are 30 days old, they are infertile. You can handle eggs, and birds will go back to them. Even wild birds will go back to nest after having their babies handled. This information about NOT handling eggs and babies goes back in history and has NO validity at all.

I'd throw these eggs out before birds crack and eat them and die from albumin poisoning. Eggs rot at room temperature after so long a time, and the inside is poison for birds and/or other animals and humans.

Next time, you can "candle" eggs to see if they are fertile. You carefully remove one egg at a time and have a bright light behind it using either a flashlight or a bright lamp. If there is a shadow inside egg, then they are fertile, if they are clear, they are infertile.

Thanks for writing, and do some research on the internet about breeding and raising the Indian Ringnecks before you have babies as you may have to handfeed some or all of them which has to be learned. There is much to learn about breeding besides just watching to see if eggs hatch. You need to be prepared, so do your study BEFORE breeding your birds again.


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