Handrearing cereal

by faiza
(south africa)

my eclectus parrot is almost eight months old and still on his avi handrering twice a day.. he stll eats his seed mix and friut and veggies.. how do i get him of it, as he loves it and screeches for his feed. how long is he suppose to be on it?

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Aug 18, 2009
Weaning a bird
by: The Vet

You need an avian scale so you can monitor his weight daily when you stop hand feeding him. He needs to be introduced to pellets so he will have a complete and balanced diet. Then you need to stop the morning feeding; feed the evening feeding only for a day or two, then stop all feeding. The screaming is not going to stop for some time. But, if he is eating and maintaining his weight, then you can consider him weaned.

Tracie carries Eclectus safe food on this website.

Dr B

Aug 13, 2009
by: Linda

Here is a website that will help you with weaning your Eclectus. http://www.landofvos.com/faqs/faqs8.html The site also has a lot of other information about birds in general. Read what lady has to say about weaning your baby bird, and you will have better luck with the process. Also buy some organic pellets for your bird to have as weaning food as well. Seeds will not provide proper nutrition for your bird or any other bird. Harrison's is a high quality organic food as is Golden Feast, and Tracie carries both out here. The Golden Feast is little O's, and weaning babies like to have food of different shapes and sizes, flavors, colors and textures.

Check out the site I gave you link to, you may have to copy and paste into your web browser window. You can also do a search on the care, and feeding of Eclectus parrots to make sure you are giving your bird everything he/she needs to be happy and healthy. An unhealthy bird is an unhappy bird.


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