by hannahemen
(cocoa florida)

How often should a heathy amazon preen and clean and an average on the number of feathers they drop? I fear boomer is not doing enuff to keep clean.

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May 08, 2009
Preening and molting
by: Tracie

There are not any standards that can be given on this subject. If your bird eats a healthy diet, looks healthy and acts healthy then you don't need to worry about this.

You should be taking your bird to an avian vet once a year and should have taken the bird to see the vet when you first brought the bird home. Your avian vet will examine the bird with a trained eye and will vaccinate your bird also.

Well bird visits are important because if your vet is familiar with your bird, it is easier for him to recognize subtle changes when your bird might have a hidden illness. Also, it is less stressful for your bird when it is ill when it needs to go to the vet if the bird is already familiar with traveling and being examined by the vet.

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