hanns macaws put together

by a perrott
(glos england)

our son just gave us his male hanns macaw we put him in with our female hanns macaw will they fight

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Oct 11, 2011
hans macaw
by: angie

thank you for your help at the moment they are fine now we are hopeing that they might breed need to know what to look out for

Oct 10, 2011
hanns macaws put together
by: Linda

If the birds have already been living in the same home, they'll probably get along. It's usually not a good idea to put a strange bird in with another one because this can end in death and bad injuries at the very least.

So, if they already know each other, there should be no problems, though I'd keep a close eye on them. If anyone comes up missing head or back feathers, this probably means they are being plucked by the other one, so keep an eye on this.

Thanks for writing,

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