Happy but pestered Senegal

by Peter

Hi, I am really puzzled by the behaviour of our ten year old Senegal parrot. She is molting but seems to go through several spells of heavy preening during the day. She is pulling quite hard at feathers on her breast and tail - not plucking them though.

She seems to be removing very small pieces of down with small black bits in them (nothing moving though.) She is also pulling out these bit of fluff and then reacts as if she is frightened of the dust that is produced and starts dancing around the cage. Other than this she is very healthy - eating normally and her droppings are normal. We haven't changed her food or anything that we can think of.

Could it be some form of attention seeking behaviour? I am at home much more than usual and my father is ill and at home so she is getting more attention than normal. Other than that could it be some form of mite? I can't remember her doing this before. Any ideas would be most welcome?

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Aug 15, 2008
The vet today
by: Peter

Hi, Yes she has a least one bath a week - usually in her water pot. I have taken her to an avian vet today and she has been treated for mites - fingers crossed.

Aug 14, 2008
by: Anonymous

have you ever bathed your bird?

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